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Sugar containing foods dominate food advertising such that we have a conditioned acceptance of its place in our everyday food choices. The sugars in these foods can affect our body in a variety of ways. Many people suffer from irritable bowel symptoms, reflux and heart burn, as well as bloating, intestinal gas, constipation and diarrhoea.

Some symptoms are the result of the timing and volume of our meals, while others stem from food intolerances that many people have to sugar complexes like fructans, galactans, inulins and lactose.

A Teaspoon of Sugar shows where these sugars are in our foods so we can avoid them or alter their adverse effects so we can enjoy the foods that contain them without affecting our personal comfort.

The most abundant sugars in our diets are glucose and fructose and it is these sugars that can increase our appetite, body weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Obesity, diabetes and heart disease are becoming ever more prevalent in people
of all ages. A Teaspoon of Sugar provides useful insights into their effects in our body as our physical needs are being overwhelmed by these sugars in our food and drink choices.

Nutritional adequacy is relatively easy to achieve, yet many of us live in nutritional deserts through inequitable food distribution and availability or inappropriate choices. A Teaspoon of Sugar is a useful guide for all of us who care about what we and those we shop for eat.­­

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